Start up

2018-08-24 15:59
First, I'm a florist. It is my hobby and my love. I like nature. I like grass and branch. Before becoming a florist, I had worked in auto finance filed for more than 10 years. I worked for Ford for many years, which gives me the deep influence on how to run and operate a company.  I like US company culture and their open mind. I think that's why I choose to get the certificate from AIFD, not other country.
On one occasion, Jeanne Ha, who owns a flower shop in DC requested for flower box in 2017. I support her to get the box and process the transportation. She loves products and introduced me to her floral friends. This inspired me to start my floral supply business. We all know, China has become a global manufacturing power. We have many factories involved in floral product produce. The quality and design become better and better. I understand florists' need. I always say we are on the same page to be a better forist.  I know the market. I think I can be the right person to introduce more valuable floral products to my floral friends.
This is my start. I don"t know where is the destination. But, for sure, I'm enjoying my flower journey.
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