Customer Feedback

2018-08-27 15:39
  • "Got the parcel! Extremely happy with your products. I would like to place new orders"  - Anastasiya from WMF Event Company
  • "Yes, the package arrived just in time a couple days ago. Everything is beautiful and I can't wait to wrap bouquets with it tomorow. Thanks again." - Eden from Poppy Faye Floral
  • "So far I LOVE everything! Thank you!" - Melanie Bradford from Keefe's Flower 
  • "The products look wonderful, and thank you for the gift. Will definitely order from you in the future"  - Florals by Dawn Mones, CFD
  •  "My first set of boxes arrived and  they are beautiful!"  ''ASSSSS!! The boxes are beautiful! Thank you soooo much!!!"- Fanee  Indelibleaffairs 2019/4/28
The order to a Miami floral and event desinger. I think flower box sometimes can replace glass vase for table setting. They are more safe and easy for clients to take them home. 
  •  ""Today I opened the box and I'm in love with you products. Thank you so much!!":-)- Helen LeFleurVase 2019/1/22
This is the biggest order we processed for client's valantines day. Before the big order, I suggest doing sample order first. But Helen trust me and finally our products get her recognition. Now we are working on more custimized products.
  • "They are here!! In perfect conditions!! They make me really smile. You know something my business is very small but I'm sure that this bee line will give me a big revamp. Again thanks for all your attentions and hope very soon I can ask for another order"  - Adriana 2018/08/15
This is my first order to Mexico. Whatever you are big or small, I would like to grow up with you together and support your floral business.
  • "Thank you! Yes! Your flower box were a hit! Guests took them home." - Designs by oochay 2018/3/26
Event planner used our round marble flower boxes to make floral arrangements which will be easy for guests to take them home. I like her ideas.
  • "Everything looks great! Thank you for the extra goodies. We love your stuff!" - Haley Zaharia Charmed Flowers and Gifts 2018/8/15
This is my first client from Canada and did order twice within 6 months. 
  • "I have received my package and I am loving the new paper and thank you for the samples. I will let you know as I begin to use them if I'd like to order more! Also, thank you so much for checking in!"  - Alice Floralista 2018/6/6
Her shop is her style. ​ She post daily bouquet photo with our wrapping paper on her ins page. Love her floral design.
  • "Thank you so much! We received your beautiful hatboxes today. First box arrived. And this is our first design we came up with." - Jeanne Ha Park Florist 2018/01/16
This is the beginning on my floral supplier business. Jeanne trust me to do the first order which give me the confidence and encouragement. 
  • "Thank you so much! I'm speechless right now! Your are so sweet! I wish you the best in your business!!! I'm make sure to tag you in every post!!! Love them. I'll be ordering soon more!!!." - Floral Events by Marina 2018/6/18 

The first time we do shipping for the large cylinder flower boxes which has been blocked during the transportation. Marine is so kind and didn't blame me.  I contacted with logistic company, changed the package method and resent the boxes to her. Now we become good friends to share our design to each other. I think this part is one of the amazing moment you could see different ideas and design from professional florists from all of the world. By the way, Marina's studio display and design is so elegant.   


  • "Thank you so much I get all my boxes I love them so much.. - Benosflowers  2018/11/25
Benito opened a new flower and gift shop in lowa city in 2018. He compared to the different size and material gift box. He finally chose the marble round series and did order twice within one month. Hope he can get the big success on his new business.
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