About florescence
We believe in doing business the right way

Florescence founded in 2016. We operate an online floral shop. We provide flower wrapping paper, flower / gift box, customized invitation card and more to world-wide florists. We choose simple design product with high quality to match your arrangement. It definitely will make your design more unique and elegant. See "What my client say!"
Florescence also has a boutique floral studio based in Shanghai, China. We work closely with our clients to create concepts and designs that are specific and meaningful to them. We undertake weddings and events in Shanghai, New York, Portland and surroundings. Our arrangements corporate seasonal elements using blossoms, foliage, pods, fruits, twigs and branches to create our signature, garden style design. 
Welcome to our floral journey.
YINGJUAN WANG CFD, the owner and designer of Florescence. She loves nature and gardening. To her, flowers are fresh medium in which she can explore color, texture, movement and balance and from that she finds great joy. Her thoughtful and organic approach to design can be seen in any arrangement
She has been certified as AIFD & CFD by the American Institution of Flower Designers in 2018. Her floral artistry was nurtured by studying from Floral Design Institution and Flower School of NYC. She also has working experiences at prestigious floral studio and shop in New York and Shanghai.
My thoughs, my ideas, my growth, my way, see my blog.
Social responsibility
We work with farms and source as much as we can from local family farms and artisans to support our community. We believe trust and friendship with our customers, employees and vendors are the most important thing. We take the social responsibility to help vulnerable groups. 
Use flowers in their most natural forms and reduce waste
We use flowers as how mother nature makes them. We love our world and continue to find ways to minimize our impact to the environment.
Floral Design Institute in Portland
FDI is synonymous with excellence in floral design education and has grown into one of the leading floral design schools in the world. Owner, Leanne Kesler AIFD and David AIFD have been active designers, speaker and educators for over 30 years.